Depressive Personality style

Unlike the histrionic and narcissist styles the depressive style isn’t in search or need of attention. On the contrary she wants as little attention as possible. She wears dark or neutral colours to go unseen. Her clothes often represent her gloomy mood.

Dark Makeup

Her dark makeup might be in the form of eye makeup

or even just darker than usual lips, or both

Lots of black

Neutral tones

The Depressive style is the Miss Doom and Gloom between all the personality styles. She wears her dark emotions on her clothes. We all go through periods in our life where the depressive style comes in handy but mostly this only lasts for a short period of time until we can get back on our feet again. Just as our emotions and personality traits influence our dress, so too does our dress influence our moods. Wearing too many outfits lacking in colour can make anyone feel a little depressed.

Do you know anyone with a Depressive style?


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