Histrionic Style

Our personality styles are expressed through our dress. In psychology we can refer to a number of personality disorder whereof Histrionic is one.

Histrionic is also referred to as the Drama Queen. Although all people on earth posses a degree of the traits associated with Histrionic personality disorder, the severity and amount of traits might earn you a diagnoses of histrionic personality disorder. This blog post however isn’t about the diagnoses of this personality disorder but rather the type of fashion style that will go along with these personality traits.

Histrionic traits include; being the centre of attention, provocative behaviour ( often in inappropriate situations), loves excitement, wears conversation starter. All aspects of her dress and make-up will be attention seeking.

Here are some examples of what a histrionic would wear.

A Floral Crown

Ombre coloured hair


Lots of accessories


Bright colours


Figure hugging outfits

High heels

We all know a histrionic friend. She might have coloured hair or always dress for attention. Or you might be histrionic yourself. We all want a little attention from time to time… Don’t you?


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