Geeky Fridays


I fell in love with on-line gaming and Player versus Player (PVP) games because of Neverwinter. Its a Dungeons and Dragons game. Its a free to play MMORPG developed by cryptic and published by Perfect world entertainment.

You can create your own character by choosing from 8 different races. You start of without any gear or weapons on a deserted beach and you have to then collect gear and fight your way to Protectors Enclave. You can level your character up to level 70. Your gear also improves as you level. I love this game because its quite competitive if you battle against other players and playing with other players can be fun too especially if you’r in a guild.

The game has however changed over the last year and it seems that some players buy better gear to become better players which is disadvantageous to those who choose not to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a game.

My favourite character is the Trickster Rogue. I am sharing this video with you because this is one of the best Trickster Rogues  I’ve come across on the net. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Video by DesoloGaming.

Betty Boop changed my life.

When I was 12 years old, one of the girls on my netball team had a costume themed birthday party. It was my first costume party ever. My Mom had the bright idea of dressing me in one of her emerald green mini dresses and adding 2 huge balloons in my dress to make me look like Betty Boop.

At the party all the girls chased me with needles and pins to try and burst my “boobs” considering I was really flat chested and shy at the time. I remember my mother saying that everyone liked me at the party and that gave me the confidence boost I needed  at the time. I became good friends with all of the girls.

I think that is where my love for costume parties started because you can be someone else without fear of being judged because people will never know if that was the “real” you or the “make believe” you. In memory of that experience I’ve decided to post some very cute Betty Boop accessories I found on the net this week


Vogue Black Betty Boop Keychain

Red Betty Boop Keychain

Betty Boop Salt and Pepper shakers

Betty Boop feathered hat figurine

Betty Boop Pillow

Betty Boop Black Travel mug

Black and Red wallet and handbang

Pink and Black wallet and handbag

Cream studded wallet and handbag

Pink and white handbag





Weekly finds

I love “window  shopping” and I thought I’d share some beautiful living room spaces I found on the net this week. I love the beach and beach homes and I always think that having blue and white in a living room will make you feel like you own a beach home.



Beautiful white couch with  blue and white pillows.


Beautiful Vases


This room looks lovely with the  dark  pillows contrasted with the white. The glass vases with the candles makes it extra romantic.


All of the images where found on Pinterest

Stying fit in a Foreign country


Staying fit is pretty hard. You have work, family and other daily occurrences that makes it hard to stay fit. When moving to a new country you have other factors at work like not knowing where any gyms are and not being able to communicate with the locals to find the right price for gym membership among many others.

When we first arrived in Korea we were like Hansel and Gretel at the gingerbread house. We ate everything we could find. We were in food heaven, but as it turns out it wasn’t really heaven. :p


To get my mind in the game again took me a very long time, I must confess. Luckily because we don’t have a need for a car in Korea, we walk everywhere. We can walk for hours on end. We tried joining a few gyms but our first gym ($45 per month) was very uninspiring so we didn’t go everyday and then later we joined a “fancy” gym ($80 per month)It went well for a few months but we started going less and less until we skipped weeks on end. We eventually cancelled our membership but decided that we still have to keep going, so we started going to gym at the park and now that it’s warmer its becoming easier to go everyday. We do a variety of things. Sometimes we jump rope and sometimes we do pull-ups on the bar equipment.

20160406_103444 - Copy (1)

In addition we generally do bodyweight type exercises. My husband goes to the Gym once or twice a week (we pay $2.50 per day) to exercise the muscles he can’t exercise at the park. We also ride our bikes ever so often.

20160406_105135 - Copy (3)20160406_104600 - Copy (1)

On the days that we don’t go to the park or ride our bikes we try and walk for 20-30 minutes so as to keep moving. I’ll keep you updated on our quest for health and fitness.


Fun Beaches in Korea

In the Summer Korea has a very popular festival that gathers thousands of people on the beach, its the Boryeong Mud Festival. The mud is said to ex-foliate your skin and those who ought to know say that your skin feels really soft after you wash all the mud off your body. My husband and I decided to go to Boryeong a few weeks in advance to look at the sites before the actual festival and this is what we found.

We took the local city bus to Boryeon and got off at what looked like a summer wonderland. It turns out it is a water park with all various fun activities like slides, pools and one of the only flow-riders in Korea.100_3840

We also discovered a very cute park to take pictures and where some boys were riding bikes and skate boards

100_3867100_3855Boryeong isn’t just for those who want to visit the mud festival, it has a variety of activities like zip lining and paint balling along with many eateries and hotels for those who want to stay for the weekend. There is also a camping site and a lovely spa that sells mud beauty products at affordable prices. 100_3864

To get to Boryeong from Seoul you can take a bus from Seoul Central City Bus Terminal,  to Boryeong (보령). From Boryeong Bus Terminal, take a bus bound for Daecheon Beach. There is a bus every 10 minutes. alternatively you can take a train from Yongsan Station or Yeongdeungpo Station, to Daecheon Station. From Daecheon Station, take a local bus bound for Daecheon Beach.

From our humble city Seosan you can take a bus (40 minutes) to Boryeong bus terminal and then from there a bus to Deacheon Beach. Getting back to Seosan takes some planning though because there is only a bus every 2 hours and the last bus leaves at 7 pm

The 2016 mud-festival this year will take place during the weekend of 15 July.