The perfect rainbow hair


For a while now I have been wanting to do something drastic to my hair. Throughout my adulthood my hair has mostly been light brown or dark blonde, which is practically the same colour. Sometimes I would to highlights in my hair and I’ve even done the ombre thing once. But basically my hair has always remained more or less the same shade. For about 4 years I’ve been thinking about colouring my hair red because it’s such a vibrant colour but I also know that the red washes out even if you colour it professionally.

I also quite like the idea of pastel or rainbow coloured hair. These ones are some of my favourites. You can read here about how they managed to get their lovely rainbow hair.

Since I am a teacher however I would not be able to go that drastic with my hair so I was thinking of sticking with a more natural colour and only colouring pieces of my hair. I Really like the blue….

I’ll be using Manic Panic as that seems to be the most effective semi-permanent color to use. Wish me luck !!!




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