Best summer Romance Movies

List list includes some new and old movies from the last decade. They are some of the most beautiful love stories I’ve seen. I like these because they are not immediately predictable.

Labour Day

Starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin A story about a escaped convict who approaches a single mother and her 13 year old son. He stays with them for Labour day weekend until the trains start running in order for him to hop on a train and make his escape more permanent.


The Lake House

Starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. A movie about 2 people who live in the same house during different times. They communicate by using a magical postbox outside the Lake house. They fall and love and decide to meet each other in the future when they are both in the same time.

Me before You

Starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. A story about a girl who starts to work for a family with a disabled son. He used to be able to walk , run, surf even “out Bond, James Bond” but then he was hit by a motorcycle and lost the use of all functions below his neck. It is a wonderful movie with a great plot and great acting. There are even some really interesting fashion choices.



How to save space in your small apartment

Korean apartments are really small. Generally as foreigners we tend to bring a lot of stuff with us from our home countries. In addition once you’re here you spend a lot of time and money accumulating all kinds of rubbish to make your life more pleasurable. For instance my brother bought a bass guitar when he came here… so where do you keep all this stuff. My answer is stacking.








Monochromatic Dreams

I’ve always loved brown. It is a warm yet earthy colour. It is the colour of earth, wood and chocolate . Here are a few of my favourite pics from the net this week.





Come dine with me, the family edition

A few years ago, our family decided to host our own come dine with me. Come dine with me was in South Africa and we decided that although we can’t be on TV we’ll do our own little Come Dine With Me. We wanted to do it with people we love and trusted and who will give honest opinions without screwing you over… We each gave $20 as prize money. The idea was that at the end of the day your event should not cost more than $80. Therefore if you win the BIG prize, your event would not have cost you anything. But of course we all wanted to win so we had to make our tables look stunning. We borrowed, bought and exchanged plates, glasses an even flower pots.

We decided to do it on a Saturday afternoon so that everyone could participate. Two days before the event we had to share our menu. We did it over 4 weeks, each week for each couple.

and this was the result

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

It was interesting to see how each one’s decor represented their personalities and the way the approach life, the colours were definitely a reflection of each ones style.

There are also some reasons why you should not do this kind of thing with your family, but I’ll leave that for a later post.


How to be fit at any age

In your 20’s

During your 20’s your reasons for being fit and sleek might not be for health reasons but rather for vanity reasons. In your 20’s you have a lot of energy to burn so why not start a healthy lifestyle early. Now is the time to build a solid framework for later in life. During this period its easier to lose weight and build muscles. Finding a good balance between cardio and weight training will help you achieve your fitness goals. During your 20’s you’re also more likely to experiment with various exercises and sports, therefore you’ll be able to find something that you can do and love for years to come. Just remember to avoid over training as fatigue can set you back on your health and fitness goals.

No need for pictures of women in their 20’s they are all still gorgeous and fit.

In your 30’s

The reality is that women in their 30’s begin to lose muscle and bone density. Another issue is that it becomes harder to lose weight. In your 20’s you could eat healthy for 2 weeks and have a six pack or fit into those old jeans while in your 30’s you’ll have to eat really lean for 6 weeks to have the same results. Although it is harder to build muscle it is still possible. One of the most important parts of our bodies that we have to maintain in strengthen during this period is the core muscles. If you don’t maintain your core it will become increasingly difficult to perform normal daily activities as you reach your 40’s. Cardio and strength training as well as adding circuits into your exercise program will provide a nice balance.

Kate Hudson (37)

In your 40’s

During your 40’s most women have settled for huffing and puffing. It is now that it is most essential not to fall off the fitness bandwagon. Now is when more fat deposits settle on our waists. While strength training is still important more intensive cardio sessions will help keep the weight off.

Jennifer Nicole Lee (41)

Gorgeous women in their 50’s

Marilyn Stowe, Elle Mcpherson and Demi Moore are all  in their 50’s