Blue and Green Wedding ideas

The bouquet

The bouquet is always an important decision when it comes to wedding flowers. It is the brides main accessory. She can also add color to her traditional white or cream dress by having a colorful bouquet. Popular blue flowers include delphiniums and hydrangeas. You can get these in light and dark blues. Another option is the iris although it is more purple than blue. There are many other blue flowers to choose from but many of them will wilt within a few hours.

Entrance hall/Outside

High arrangement of delphiniums create an amazing effect. You can also add greens and other white flowers to make the blue pop. If you can’t find blue flowers during your wedding season then you could also add the color with ribbons, organza, feathers, colored vases or even colored water in the vase.


You have 2 options with the decor for a blue and green wedding. The first would be to do everything in white and only have a few colorful pieces. This will give it a simple but elegant effect. Secondly you could opt for one of the 2 colors and use the other color here and there to break the main color. Both these options are equally gorgeous depending on your own preference.


For many years now, the traditional wedding cake has changed from traditional fruitcake to cupcakes or even macrons.Nowadays you even have the option of doing various colors inside your cake as well as choose different flavored icing.


Bridesmaids dresses

Here are some great ideas for different color bridesmaids dresses. Whether you choose emerald green or a baby blue, its all up to you. Its your special day after all.

The Wedding dress

Instead of the traditional white or cream wedding dress, designers like Vera Wang and Elie Saab have given us some beautiful light colored wedding dresses that make you look like a true princess at your fairy tale wedding.


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