Not everyone can be Martha Steward.

As some of you might know, I am addicted to cake. Last week I saw some pretty cakes on pinterest and even saw the amazing rainbow cake.


But first I decided to make this little blue cake. I’ve never baked cake before except once I made a chocolate cake from a box. I wanted to make different coloured cakes before I made the rainbow cake. My first cake had to look something like this.

40 Epic Birthday Cake Recipes to inspire your next festive creation |

OK so I made the cake and poured white chocolate over it but the chocolate was too light and ended up looking really shitty. So this was my end result. It tasted great but didn’t look that great.


It was a little disappointing that it didn’t come out right but then my husband said to me ” you’ve never been good at baking”….

I think I’ll just stick to what I know, I have always said that the only thing I can cook well is salad…


3 thoughts on “Not everyone can be Martha Steward.

  1. Polkadots&Popcorn says:

    I used to be horrible… but just try and try again. Try making a pound cake. I used to have problems making cake till I tried a pound cake recipe. It stacks easier. It’s a little denser, but then again I like that.


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