Wedding ideas – deep purple and mauve


After choosing your dress the next important step will be to choose the wedding bouquet.



When people arrive at your reception hall they should be in awe. It is important to create an entrance that reflects the rest of the reception. Whether your reception is held inside or outside these ideas can add that extra little something you’re looking for.


The importance of lighting can never be underestimated. Purple flowers aren’t always in season and spraying everything mauve might prove too expensive. Therefore when all else fails always remember that lights can create any kind of atmosphere from dramatic to romantic.

Table arrangements

Mauve is such an easy colour to work with, by adding some green to the arrangements, it will really make the colour pop.

Bridal Party

Insert your theme colour in all aspects of the wedding


Other wedding favours


I hope you enjoy planning your purple wedding as much as I enjoyed putting this together.




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