Not yet living the dream

One of my first jobs was in a flower shop. I started of as a florist in training and later became a branch manager at one of our stores. I absolutely love flowers and colours and it was my dream to one day have my own flower shop. As time went by I changed jobs and left my dream of owning a flower shop behind. Someday I would still like to have my own shop but maybe more as a retirement hobby. I still love flowers and regularly buy flowers to brighten my home, sometimes I buy real flowers and other times I get silk flowers.

I often look at flower shops for ideas for my future “flower shop”.

There are different ways that you can store your flowers, these include tin buckets, woven baskets ( with water tight containers inside) and glass vases.



I love the idea of floral arrangements on display, it gives you the chance to get creative ideas or to buy a ready made arrangement, especially if it’s for a special occasion like a dinner party at your home.



I also like flower shops that have a market type feel but still small enough to be a shop and not a market.


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