Nightmare before Christmas Obsession

I am a huge fan of the Nightmare before Christmas. It was the first Tim Burton movie I’ve ever seen and I was so impressed with it that I still watch it annually. If you aren’t familiar with the tale it is about Jack Skellington who lives in Halloween Town within the forest called the holiday woods. Year after year he performs the same routine and he’s grown weary of it. he stumbles into the woods and finds a colourful door. He enters the door and discovers Christmas. He is so moved by what he sees that he plans to host his own Christmas, with scary and dire consequences. Nightmare before Christmas is a dark but fun animation that I absolutely adore.

Whenever I go into my Nightmare craze I look at all kinds of thing I can buy to add Jack Skellington into my life


here are some of my favourite finds:

The Nightmare before Christmas bed set  : Its a five piece set that includes a comforter, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases.


Then there is the Nightmare blanket that will be very helpful for hours of gaming in the winter months. I feel I really NEED one of these as a normal blanket would not keep me warm enough



This lamp will go perfectly with my Nightmare themed bedroom.71k3RnhEzLL._SL1500_

And THEN….. I need some plush toys , a bedroom isn’t a bedroom without some plush plush :p




4 thoughts on “Nightmare before Christmas Obsession

  1. CraftyMom says:

    As someone who’s birthday is Halloween, this has always been a favorite of mine too! Great links, the lamp is my favorite! 💗 For those interested in DIY Jack Skellington projects check out my blog!


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