Apartments in Korea

20190107_123917When we first came to Korea, we were very ignorant of how things work here. We had “free” housing included in our contract so we were very happy to know that we didn’t have to pay rent every month. The problem was that we didn’t expect what was waiting for us here. Our apartment was a little bigger than a shoe box. After about 6 months we asked our director for a bigger apartment. We were now living in a one bedroom apartment and although it wasn’t huge, it was big enough for the two of us. We lived in this apartment for another 3 years. Before we moved down to Busan we decided to try and get a housing allowance instead of the housing the school offers. Check out the type of apartments given with contracts in Korea.

When we were negotiating our contracts, we both asked for a housing allowance to rent our own apartment. We got a lovely 2 bedroom apartment in Marine City, Heaundae. Here is our monthly rental breakdown

  • 1,000,000 won – rent
  • 300,000 won – management fee; free gym, sauna, parking, electricity


We’ve lived here for almost 6 months and although the apartment is more expensive than anticipated, we’re very happy with our decision to live in a 2 bedroom apartment.

What would you prefer?

Workwear (Korea)

Korea is different from the western world, they have a different culture and ways of doing things. Although they also wear clothes that come from american and European companies there are still some taboos. For instance girls can wear extremely short miniskirts but it is totally inappropriate to show shoulders, collarbones or cleavage. The social laws seem to be relaxing nowadays but in some areas of the country it is still considered highly inappropriate. Therefore when coming to Korea try and keep it conservative as you will be working with these people’s children.

Summer Outfits

You should be able to get away with showing you shoulders as long as it’s not in a strappy top. In summer you can wear lovely floral dresses or skirts. Your shoes should be chosen according to your school. If you’re working at a private academy (hagwon) then go with flat shoes because you’ll be on your feet the whole day. In public schools however you’ll wear slippers inside the buildings so you could wear high heels to work if you choose.

It is always better to put your best foot forward in a new work environment. Your style can become more relaxed once you’ve settled and seen what the other people at your work wear. Generally though the Koreans are dressed to the nines. A lot of foreigners wear jeans to work here in Korea but they keep it formal rather than casual.

What not to wear to work!

Although this outfit is really cute it is not something you should wear to work. Uggs with jeans are OK in winter because it is freezing  but not with sweats and t-shirts. You are a professional, try and  act like it.





Everything Chanel

I recently saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest and wondered how I could recreate this look. The bulk of the decor is Chanel inspired.


Since I don’t have a lot of furniture in my little Korean apartment I will have to first get the staples like the couch, armchair and desk, but I have to make due with what I have for the moment so this is what I will need.

Modern ArmchairParsons Desk, Leather chair and Modern Chesterfield style sofa

Various options for wall deco to recreate the look on the walls next to the curtians

  1. Abstract Silver Metal Wall Art Sculpture

  2. Shining Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker Decoration Decor

  3. Contemporary Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art Accent Modern Home Decor

  4. Silver Metal Wall Art Accent

Curtains and carpets

  1. Black sheer curtains
  2. Faux fur rug
  3. Fluffy Grey carpet
  4. White curtians

I saw these lovely pillows on Etsy

Lighting requirements

  1. Large Chandelier
  2. Crystal Chandelier
  3. Emperor drum lamp shade

My Pets

Currently I don’t have any pets with me here in Korea, but we have 5 dogs that are living with my husbands parents in South Africa.

Shelly in the middle, Shakira on the right and Catniss on the left.



Casper, the white Labrador and Ryuke the Boerbull




The meaning behind my blog name

Simple. I live in Korea and wanted to write about my life and experiences in Korea. Initially we came to Korea to use it as a stepping stone to immigrate to another country. But now since we’re here we are thinking of making it our new home even if it is just for the next few year as no one knows what the future holds. If you told me ten years ago I will be living in Korea now I would have called you out for bullshitting me.

My brother always quotes Robbie Williams by saying  “I sit and talk to God and he just laughs at my plans”. This is absolutely true. We have made so many plans with our lives but in the end its not up to us no matter how much you try to take it into your own hands.

So… here we are in Korea living it up 😀