5 Halloween cupcakes you can’t mess up.

If you’re like me and you love Halloween but you’re not very gifted in decorating cakes or cupcakes then these ideas are for you.

Death by chocolate brownies

Easy and simple, all you need is to make some brownies. If you can’t make them by yourself then get some brownie mix. Then crush some oreos and other creepy looking candies and sprinkle them over the brownies.  Easy right…. Recipe Here


The Zombie Cupcake.

Make a normal cupcake. Add some icing and then delicately draw a mouth and eyes. If it doesn’t come out just rights, its Ok. its a zombie after all


Plants and Zombie’s cupcake

Apply a green icing of your choosing. Make one eye big and one eye small. If you mess this up no one will even notice. You can use thin liquirice for the mouth and tick tacks for the teeth.


Graveyard Cupcakes.

Make a chocolate cupcake in a purple cupcake holder. Sprinkle some chocolate cookie crumbs over the icing, add a small candy and insert a cracker as the tombstone. The hardest part might be to do the writing on the cracker if you don’t have a steady hand. Its very cute yet perfect for Halloween. Full Directions here


Ghost Busters Slimer Cookie

This might need some more effort to make the shape just right but overall, you don’t need too many accessories for this one. The original recipe requires that you put green pudding inside the cupcake but if you fear that you might mess it up, then it’s not really neccessary as these cupcakes look great all the same.


I hope some of these Halloween cupcakes have inspired you as much as they have me…



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