Someone I see myself with in the future

When I was 16 years old I went to a 24 hour dance marathon hosted by our church with my best friend. When we walked into the dance hall there was a beautiful blond guy standing on the stage. He wasn’t alone but I only saw him. He had long blond hair that sort of hung in his face. And Ice blue eyes that reminded me of the ocean.

While I was dancing I stole looks at him ever so often. I left my water bottle at the bottom of the stage so that I could take a glimpse of him every time I drink water. He was really gorgeous but I was too shy to talk to him or even try and make a move.

About  4 hours into the dance marathon one of the girls in my school came to talk to me. She was in the class above mine but also lived in our area and went to the same church. She said that the beautiful blond wanted to dance with me. I was ecstatic. So we danced the rest of the night.

When it was time to go home he asked me for a kiss and I stood there with my eyes closed and my lips puckered… and his friend laughed at me…. I felt really embarrassed but the beautiful blond gave me a tender kiss on my lips. Seven years later we got married.

We’ve been married for eight years and although we’ve had our ups and downs I truly love him and can’t live without him. I hope that we will stay this happy until the end of days.


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