Starring Chris Pratt (Jim Preston) and Jennifer Lawrence (Aurora Lane).  Don’t read if you haven’t seen the movie already

Passengers is a story about a man who wakes up from his hibernation pod after his ship is damaged by meteor fragments.He wakes up only 30 years into his 120 year journey towards a new planet Homestead II. He wakes up to find that he is the only person on the whole ship who is awake accept for a android called Arthur, played by Micheal Sheen. In his mission to find out what happened to him and why he woke up he finds that all the fancy programmes on the spaceship are of no help and only have limited prerecorded information. Most of the information he found that could possibly help him was only theoretical.

In addition the social class system was in place even though he was the only passenger awake, since he didn’t have a gold class ticket he was limited to only black coffee and basic breakfasts like cereal and oats. After using all the possible facilities on the ship, some of them he had broken into, he found that he felt pretty alone, a situation that reminded me a lot of Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away.

One night while trying out the outer-space facility he decides to take his own life because of the loneliness but he doesn’t go through with it. Instead he accidentally notices a woman in the hibernation chamber. He then starts to read her files and tries to get to know her. After much inner struggles with himself he decides that he wants to wake her up too, to reduce his own loneliness but he knows that if he wakes her up he will doom her to loneliness too…

I really enjoyed the movie. I think it is because somehow we can relate to it because we sometimes also feel alone and feel that we can’t do anything to change our circumstances. In the movie, Arthur suggests to Jim that instead of wishing he was somewhere else he should make the most of where he is and this really hit home for me. I enjoyed the movie much more than I expected.

Some things in the movie also showed that some times you think you have bad luck but it could rather be a matter of fate, for example the fact that Jim woke up Aurora. Although it might have been the wrong choice to condemn someone else to a lifetime of loneliness, this act helped them save 5000 other passengers on the ship who could have died if they didn’t wake up to save the ship.

I’ll give it a 7/10

What did you think of it?



2 thoughts on “Passengers-Review

  1. mojok1444 says:

    I’ve enjoyed the movie… Two scenes I’d liked… The loss of gravity during the swimming pool and the family tree at the end of the movie. It’s not the destination it is the journey and who you decide to take enjoy it with. Sometimes it could be fate and sometimes it could be a result of your action.


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