Home Decor ideas

If you don’t know this by  now my bedrooms theme is basically ‘Union Jack’ I really like the colours  and my husband also thinks that the bedroom is not too girly this way so we’re trying to add some more colour to the bedroom and we’re always looking for some cute British inspired home decor ideas.



This is what I’ve found this week. I’ve recently painted my bedroom dresser white, but we really need an extra one since we have a lot of clothes but not a lot of closet space.

  1. Pillow spotted on atticmag
  2. Dresser from livingroompaintideas.net
  3. Union Jack Phone from cuckooland.com
  4. Mirror from forwooddesign.com

My next project is to change our bedroom mirror. It was a mirror that was left here by the previous teachers and its quite old so we will try and make it look vibrant and loved again 😀


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