Blue Milk inspired by Star Wars

In the opening scene of Rogue One: A Star Wars story, you see a glass of blue milk on the counter in Jyn Erso’s childhood home. Blue milk is the milk from a Bantha, a cowlike creature in the world of Star Wars. Throughout the Star Wars series you could see blue milk in bars and in homes.


Picture source

Last week we went to see the new Star Wars film and I decided to make us some blue milk inspired by Star Wars. There is an amazing recipe for blue milk in The Geeky Chef Cookbook. The recipe from the book includes goats milk and blue berry syrup which gives it a peculiar taste. As goats milk isn’t readily available here in Korea, I tried a much simpler 3 ingredient recipe.


1 cup of milk

1 scoop vanilla ice-cream (you can add 1 tablespoon of honey to sweeten it a bit more)

3 drops blue food coloring


Mix all the ingredients in a mixer and serve.


I hope that you will like this recipe and please feel free to share any of your favourite fandom recipe’s with me.


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