Frozen Christmas Decorations

My brother and his wife were discussing whether they would have a traditional green and red Christmas or would they go for a frozen Christmas and that got me thinking. Although the movie Frozen has created quite a following frozen doesn’t have to mean recreating the movie on your dining table… or does it?

White Christmas

Nothing is more beautiful than a white Christmas. Cold sparkly white weather outside, warm socializing inside, hot chocolate, what more can you ask for. If you decide to go all white, remember to add some sparkle to your decorations.

Blue and White Christmas

I thought the white and blue China was such a cute idea for a blue and white Christmas

Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own blue and white China ornaments using white baubles and a blue marker.

Frozen Christmas ( Light Blue)

This theme would call for light blue, white and silver. There are lots of amazing food ideas on the net if you’re interested in bringing Frozen to the dinner plate

All these pictures are from Pinterest.



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