How adventurous are you??

Last week I came across an ‘adventurous test’ on Psychology today. I have always wanted to be adventurous instead of ordinary and boring. According to the test results however…. I am only 53 percent adventurous, which isn’t adventurous at all.


Since I am just average I have decided to spice up my life a little and to try and be more adventurous. This is how I plan to do it.

Try something new.

One of the first things I can do is get a mountain bike. This will add some adventure to my life but that is not the kind of adventure I was thinking of.

Image result for mountain biking

Set foot on each of the seven continents.

I want to travel more, I am absolutely in love with nature an at the moment I’m not seeing much of it.Out of the 7 continents, I have only been to 3. My plan is to save some money and by this time next year I would like to visit one of the other continents. Cold weather isn’t my strong suit, so Antarctica will have to wait till last…


Try more adventure sports

i love sports and although I only go to the gym I would love to lead a more active lifestyle which includes some adventure sports. First on my list would include, cliff jumping, cave diving and river rafting.





Participate in some of the worlds best parties.

These include the Tomato festival in Spain, Carnival Brazil, Day of the dead in Mexico and the carnival of Venice would be my top pics.


Image result for day of the dead james bond


Some of these will be easier to achieve but others will require some money and planning but hopefully soon enough I can be more adventurous….



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