Picnic Wedding Ideas

I remember when my husband and I were looking for wedding venues that one of the venues offered a Picnic Wedding setup. The pictures they showed us reminded me of a fairy garden with red, pink and orange pillows strewn over a rich green lawn, with lush gum trees overhead. It was just magical. But at that time the venue was really expensive and I rather wanted a different type of outside wedding.

In honour of that memory, here are some great ideas for a Picnic wedding.

There are various option for a picnic wedding, you can do it in the morning or at night. You could choose to keep it traditional with pillows and blankets on the ground or with tables and chairs, or even picnic benches. It all depends on your personal style and how comfortable your guests will be.

Basic Pillow and blanket Picnic

Using tables for your Picnic

Picnic benches 


Picnic foods

Great food ideas includes homemade pies, cheese and cracker platters, sandwiches, fresh fruits and fruit salads. Furthermore a cute picnic basket for each table would make it extra special but having a central table with all the food displayed on it will work equally well


Your dress

If you choose to do the picnic wedding your dress should be comfortable enough to sit on the floor with. This does not mean that if you want an elegant wedding dress that you would not be able to wear it. It only means that you can now possibly get 2 dresses instead of one. One for the wedding ceremony and one for the reception.


When choosing a picnic wedding and the type of reception setup always consider the age of your guests, no use letting senior citizen with bad knees sit on the ground if they are expected to get up and down the whole time. If you have older family members maybe consider giving them tables and chairs while allowing the younger guests to sit on the ground.


Also be sure to inform them beforehand to wear clothing that will allow them to sit on the ground comfortably.


Black and White Wedding/Ball ideas


Black flowers aren’t the easiest thing to find. There are basically 3 types of black flowers you could use and their more purple than black. Arum lilies are in season mostly in December, Dark purple tulips are only in season during spring but you could possible import them at a very high price. The third option is black roses or black morning glories, but it’s more like a dark red than a black

Bridal bouquet.

Instead of using black flowers you always have the option of adding black ribbons, organza and feathers.

Table arrangements

Predominantly White

Predominantly Black



Some more flower ideas

The cake

The Dress

The wedding party


Wedding ideas – deep purple and mauve


After choosing your dress the next important step will be to choose the wedding bouquet.



When people arrive at your reception hall they should be in awe. It is important to create an entrance that reflects the rest of the reception. Whether your reception is held inside or outside these ideas can add that extra little something you’re looking for.


The importance of lighting can never be underestimated. Purple flowers aren’t always in season and spraying everything mauve might prove too expensive. Therefore when all else fails always remember that lights can create any kind of atmosphere from dramatic to romantic.

Table arrangements

Mauve is such an easy colour to work with, by adding some green to the arrangements, it will really make the colour pop.

Bridal Party

Insert your theme colour in all aspects of the wedding


Other wedding favours


I hope you enjoy planning your purple wedding as much as I enjoyed putting this together.




Types of wedding bouquets

Nothing says wedding like flowers…The wedding bouquet is an extremely important wedding accessory. It adds colour to your wedding dress. It is the main prop in the bouquet throw and it gives the bride something to do with her hands on her big day.

When choosing a bouquet, there is a variety of shapes to choose from. You can choose between round, starburst, crescent, presentation, cascade, biedermeier or even a single flower depending on your own personal style and the style of your wedding.


Originally referred to as the posies bouquet. This round bouquet is a traditional and simplistic yet elegant style.


A cascading style bouquet made from stargazers and other lilies.


Made in the shape of a crescent moon. The flowers are arranged to the outside of a round bouquet to create the crescent shape


Refers to the type of flowers given at a presentation. It is arranged with longer flowers at the back and shorter flowers at the front.


Also referred to as the shower bouquet, tail bouquet or the teardrop bouquet.


Named after the German style of interior decorating is a round bouquet arranged in round rings of various flowers and colours.

Single Flower

Single flower bouquets are becoming more popular. Instead of a whole bouquet of flowers the bride may choose to have a single flower like a Protea or a peony