Must have African inspired wedding dresses

This week we saw some beautiful wedding dresses from South African designers. These dresses show a lovely balance between African and western inspired designs.

Orapeleng Modutle Style Avenue collection


African inspired look with a beautiful gold necklace


For the modern African look. A gorgeous mix between African head wear and modern wedding dresses.


A simplistic dress rounded off with lace and flare bell-sleeves


The Rose-gold colour is flattering to every skin tone and adds a bit of difference to the traditional white dress


A dress that will make you look like a forest nymph with its lovely fairy cape.


A mermaid dress with fringed bodice and 3D applique  skirt.


The front-mullet dress, with a gorgeous silk design and bold neck piece. Perfect for wearing when you want to show off your legs and shoes.


A lovely option for a summer wedding. With a balance between smart and casual. Perfect for hot weather.


Last but not least this very sexy dress with a lace design and mermaid style skirt. Perfect for Spring or Fall


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