Guide to surviving in humid weather

Living in Korea we often deal with temperature between 29-33 degrees in summer with approximate humidity between 60-90%. This means that as soon as you step outside an air conditioned area you will begin to sweat. Your hair is constantly glued to your forehead and all your dresses stick to your bum when you stand up after sitting.

To survive in the humid weather firstly I rely heavily on braids. I love my long hair and my husband doesn’t like it when I tie my hair away from my face so I tend to go for a single braid to one side. My favourites are the reverse fishtail braid ( from luxyhair), and the Boho braid a la Blake Lively.

Dresses are the easiest thing for summer but be careful of anything silk. Silk sticks to anything wet and in humid weather that will most likely be your thighs. It can be very embarrassing when standing up and fishing your dress out your bum crease. Another must have item for humid weather is a slip dress but go for nylon or cotton instead of silk

I’m not a huge fan of foundation and in humid weather its more of a nuisance than anything else. When the sweat start to drip down your face, so does your foundation. I found an amazing “men’s beauty” product here in Korea. It is a face cream but it has a tinge of foundation worked into it. It therefore gives you a little coverage and won’t drip down your face when you’re sweating, in addition it has 35 spf to protect you from the sun. A must have makeup product for humid weather is primer. It helps to keep ‘most’ of the makeup on your face in humid weather. Since I’m such a fan of urban decay I usually use their eye primer.

The best makeup looks for humid weather would include anything that would stick to your face when you sweat a lot. Stay away from eye pencils and rather use eye shadow to define your eyebrows. Koreans use tint for their lips. Its like a liquid stain that lasts for hours. It doesn’t smear or smudge, which is great because when we sweat a lot we tend to try and wipe the sweat from our faces and it often results in us smearing our lipstick on the rest of our faces.

And last but not least. When working in humid weather or planning on being away from home for more than two hours you will need some body mist, face mist and a handkerchief or tissues to dry your face and make you look fresh again.

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