How to make a Halloween well

For Halloween we made this well. I say we because it was mostly my sister in law. I only did the finishing touches namely blotching grey paint on the edges.


We started off with a square box a the bottom as our base.


We then glued shoe boxes in a circle to the box. We were lucky enough to have picked up a bunch of polystyrene squares on our way from work one night as they were building in our area. If you don’t have access to polystyrene bricks then you can use small boxes and shoe boxes. We used various sizes to make it look more authentic. When painting the boxes however, rather use a matte type paint otherwise it will look really shiny.

We cut the top polystyrene bricks with a Styrofoam cutter . We cut it into uneven pieces to make it look like the well have been broken and we laid some off cut peices on the floor to make it look like broken bricks


We painted everything black and then used grey paint to blodge the sides of the bricks, I also used some green and brown paint at the bottom of the well to make it look like dirt and moss.

I then took some of those plastic aquatic grass that you use in fish tanks and cut it into small pieces. I glued this (with a glue gun) to the well into most of the hooks and crannies.

Our well was now ready for display. We have collected some leaves the week before and threw this on the floor to cover the brown base of the well and some silk lavender flowers for effect. My sister in law also added some pictures with smoked glass to the scene to make it look scarier.


The final result


Scaring the Children at our School


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