Tarzan Review

My dad is a huge fan of Tarzan so inevitably he wanted to see the movie. I’ve never been a huge fan and to be honest when I saw the trailer it was more than a little disappointing. My first reason being that the whole trailer looked like it was computer animated. Furthermore I’ve seen pictures of Alexander Skarsgard and although he is said to have trained really hard and gained a lot of muscle mass some clips in the movie didn’t look authentic especially this one below, as he jumps down into the trees the shape of his back looks too animated.

Spoiler alert: Some spoilers to follow

Upon watching the movie I was pleasantly surprised. I sort of expected to see the original Tarzan movie plot, but instead the movie starts off 8 years after Tarzan was found in the jungle and brought to Britain. Tarzan is invited by the Belgium King to visit the Congo to see all the new schools he has build for the local tribes. After first rejecting he eventually goes. and that is where the adventure begins.

The story was interesting although I have to admit there was a kind of a lul in the middle of the movie where it felt like nothing was happening. The fight scenes were done really well and Tarzan fought like an ape, more with his arms than with his fists.

In addition the last half of the movie we get to see Alexander Skarsgard bare chested which is always a plus for us warmblooded ladies. He looks really great and he did really well as Tarzan.

My father was very impressed toovand he said the movie kept very close to the books except for the fact that in the books NO APE could beat Tarzan in a fight. I do however think the fact that he couldn’t beat his brother might be to show that Tarzan has been out of the jungle for too long…

I would recommend this movie as it is entertaining and a little bit different than what we are used to. These days I feel as if all the movies are the same thing over and over again, but maybe I’m too sensitised to blockbuster movies.

My husband on the other hand found the movie boring and he even fell asleep once or twice.

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