Halloween costumes.

This year I’m planning on doing 2 Halloween costumes. The first will be a little less scary for the Friday before Halloween. We’ve noticed that it helps to psych the kids up before Halloween. It increases their participation on the day of our Halloween event.

This is the inspiration for my costume.

Wind-Me-Up Dolly Creepy Doll Costume from Leg Avenue inset 2:

I’ve decided to do the outfit with the purple because I’ve always wanted to wear purple hair.

I’ve managed to get all my costume requirements from Amazon except for the makeup kit, which I bought from Gmarket in Korea because it was cheaper but I will link everything below. I also had to take a dress that is slightly different because the dress in the picture do not deliver my size to South Korea.

Dead Eye dolly dress – this is the one in the picture

Broken doll dress – the one I bought

Purple wig



Petticoat under the dress

Makeup kit – from Amazon



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