Our 30 day Blogging Babes challenge is coming to an END

A month ago I started a 30 day Blogging Babes challenge with my friend Bianca Luka from POLKADOTS&POPCORN. We started this challenge to see if we could blog for 30 days straight. We are both still kind of new to blogging and wanted to challenge ourselves. We weren’t sure if we would find the time to blog everyday but it seems we made the time.

At the start of this challenge I had some ideas about what I wanted to do with my blog but I wasn’t quite sure what my readers would like. During the challenge I had the chance to play around with all kinds of topics, from music, to love and friendship. I was able to see what people enjoyed reading.

Some days were really tough. Once or twice I had to leave the post writing up to about 10 minutes before the deadline before writing as I didn’t know how to start. Some topics were really personal and I didn’t really want to share those on the internet. It turns out however that the more honest my posts were the more you enjoyed reading it. I would like to thank all of you for reading my post during these 30 days.

My goals with this blog has changed and expanded and I am better aware of what readers are after. I have a few ideas for the future of my blog and I hope you guys like what follows.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my beautiful friend Bianca Luka who did the blog challenge with me. She often proof read my posts and helped me make it more readable. I can’t wait for the next challenge!!!


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