20 Days of Christmas

Its almost Christmas. It’s most definitely my favourite time of the year. Its a time for spending time with your family and remembering how much you love and need each other.

I’ve decided to give my students a little something for Christmas. Since buying gifts for all of them(150 students) will cost me a fortune, I’ve decided to make some cookies. After my first batch of cookies I realised that baking the same thing for everyone will take a lot of time and I’m going to get bored making the same recipe everyday, so…. I’m going to make different cookies until I reach 450 cookies. Since I love blogging so much, I will share a recipe a day up until the 23rd of December. I’ll still share other aspects of my life with you too. I hope you ‘ll share this cooking baking journey with me. Feel free to post some of your own favourite recipes or link me in a cookie post 😀


Nikon Coolpix P900 VS Canon EOS 750D

Ever since I’ve started blogging I’ve been wanting a new camera, since the only camera I had was my cellphone. Bare in mind that my phone isn’t new or fancy, so the picture quality wasn’t great. In addition I didn’t know anything about photography and since my pictures looked BAD I rarely ever posted them. Since it is my birthday this month my husband bought me a new camera, the Canon EOS 750D. In addition his mother is an avid bird watcher and also wanted a new camera, so she got herself the Nikon Coolpix P900.

I’m not going to go into the specifications of the two camera’s since you can find that anywhere on the internet. What you can’t find however are pictures quality of the two camera’s. Since I had access to both I’ll now share the different pictures.

First off the Coolpix has some amazing zoom. In the first picture you can’t even see the tower on the mountain we are trying to capture.dscn64211

The Tower on the mountain is currently between the two big buildingsdscn64221

Zooming much further you can actually see the tower on the mountain. dscn64231dscn64241

The weather was really misty but the camera still zooms to the extend that you’ll be able to see people on the tower if there were any.

That same night we photographed the moon since it was a supermoon.

Picture 1 is the view from our bedroom window without any zoom with the Nikon Coolpix


Picture 2 Zoomed


Picture 3. Zoomed but not fully zoomed since my husband said you can’t see it’s the moon if you zoom much further than that.


Coolpix VS Canon Pictures.

The picture on the left is the Coolpix and on the right the Canon

I’ve tried to keep the angles the same, but it’s not easy, I didn’t zoom in with the Coolpix since I wanted to see what the quality was like.


The quality is very similar, personally I’m very happy with my Canon and won’t exchange it for the Coolpix even if I got it free but it depends what you’re using the camera for. In my opinion if you’re going to take travel or landscape pictures then rather go for the Coolpix but if you’re more into capturing details without having to zoom, then go for the Canon. In the end its up to you and your purpose for using the camera.


My frustration with so-called fashion bloggers.

I understand the fact that everyone, eventually, wants to make some money out of their blogs. But that doesn’t mean that you should only try and link things from the affiliate programs that you are part of.

I recently saw a gorgeous dress on Pinterest. I clicked on the link and it took me to the Asos website. Stupidly, I bought the dress without properly checking that it is the same dress because I was sooooo excited to get this lovely dress. It was only when I opened the package that I realized that this was not the dress I wanted. It was however, the dress I ordered.

The Dress I saw…


The dress I got…


I realize that it’s my own fault for not looking at the details, but at that moment it looked like the same dress. I am just annoyed that someone would link something totally unrelated and say that this is what they bought from a particular shop. This is just one example. The other day I also saw a blogger wearing a lovely jersey but none of the products that she linked was the jersey she was wearing.

So please don’t just link stuff to get sales. There is a reason we follow these bloggers and it’s because they have great style and typically, if we like something that they are wearing we would like to buy the SAME thing. Not something similar….

Here is what the dress looks like.





Our 30 day Blogging Babes challenge is coming to an END

A month ago I started a 30 day Blogging Babes challenge with my friend Bianca Luka from POLKADOTS&POPCORN. We started this challenge to see if we could blog for 30 days straight. We are both still kind of new to blogging and wanted to challenge ourselves. We weren’t sure if we would find the time to blog everyday but it seems we made the time.

At the start of this challenge I had some ideas about what I wanted to do with my blog but I wasn’t quite sure what my readers would like. During the challenge I had the chance to play around with all kinds of topics, from music, to love and friendship. I was able to see what people enjoyed reading.

Some days were really tough. Once or twice I had to leave the post writing up to about 10 minutes before the deadline before writing as I didn’t know how to start. Some topics were really personal and I didn’t really want to share those on the internet. It turns out however that the more honest my posts were the more you enjoyed reading it. I would like to thank all of you for reading my post during these 30 days.

My goals with this blog has changed and expanded and I am better aware of what readers are after. I have a few ideas for the future of my blog and I hope you guys like what follows.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my beautiful friend Bianca Luka who did the blog challenge with me. She often proof read my posts and helped me make it more readable. I can’t wait for the next challenge!!!


My extraordinary last meal

When I was really young I remember watching a movie where they asked the criminal what his last meal would be. It makes one think… if you had one last meal to wish for what would it be. I suppose it will change from day to day, depending on what you really crave.

In my current state of mind, if I had one last meal to choose I would choose the following.

For an entree I would like garlic snails, it is something my dad use to make at home and we could buy it in any restaurant in South Africa. They use to drench the snails in cheddar cheese. Nowadays you only get garlic snails with cheese sauce, which is definitely not the same thing. This picture is from Spur restaurant in South Africa.

For my main meal I would like a medium to rare steak in red wine sauce with caramelised sweet potato, green beans in cream and some baked potatoes.

Then for a desert I would like Malva pudding. It is my absolute favourite dessert. It is a traditional South African pudding in a creamy buttery sweet sauce.


And last but not least, I would not want to go without my cup of coffee. 🙂