Diner en Blanc ( Seoul)

Diner en Blanc is a prestigious event held all around the world. It is inspired by François Pasquier who invited a group of his friends to meet him after a long journey. They decided to meet each other in a public park and everyone was requested to wear white so they could easily find each other. In honour of this event I’ve decided to collect a number of outfits one can possible wear to such an event. If you’re not attending one of these events you can always invite a bunch of your friends to a park for a casual picnic ( all dressed in white)

These outfits were taken from Net-A-Porter, Revolve  and Nasty GalRemember to keep your outfit classy.

What you need for a white picnic in the park. Ask your friends to bring a table and 2 fold up chairs along with their own table cloth and maybe some table decorations. It can be as elaborate as you prefer.


Don’t forget the French Inspired food. For more French inspired food you can look at the blog Manger. She is a French food blogger with great recipes and ideas.

Some more inspiration for arranging your own flowers and party treats.

The Flower Recipe Book    &  Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It





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