The Space Between Us – Review

This past weekend we watched The Space Between Us. We missed the movie when it came out at the cinema’s but a few weeks ago I saw an old poster at our local cinema. We got our hand on a copy of the movie and watched it as our ‘Sunday Night Movie‘.

Spoiler Alert!!!!


A team of astronauts fly to Mars to start a new colony called East Texas Mars. On the way there the head astronaut discovers she is pregnant. NASA decides to keep this information a secret until they can find a way for the baby to return to Earth since the baby’s gestation period was in 0 gravity. Upon arrival on Mars the mother delivers the baby but dies in childbirth. NASA keeps the child’s existence a secret for 16 years.The boy makes contact with a girl from Earth and decides to go meet her on Earth and to find his father.

The Space Between Us is a lovely written teenage love story and a story of self discovery with some suspense and cool actions scenes. Its also a bit tragic too since Earths gravity and atmosphere is killing the boy and we realise that he would never be able to survive on Earth.

Its a really sweet movie for young and old. So get your hand on it and make it your Sunday Night Movie


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