Holiday wind down

Hi everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas weekend started off with lots of cookies and treats. The students at our school loved the cookies we gave them and some of them even thanked me on Monday when we returned to school. Unfortunately alot of students didn’t come to school on Friday so we had a lot of cookies left. I tried giving them away to our colleagues but they didn’t want to take more than 8 packets of cookies so…. we were left with about 20 cookies, which we ate on Friday night.

In addition, we’ve decided to stay at our current school for another year. We’re also going home for a month and over the last few weeks we’ve been trying to find teachers to work in our place. It’s been a real mission as most of the schools in the area have winter camps around the same time that we are going away. I’m really exited to get away. Its summer in South Africa and I can’t wait to get a bit of sun.

I would also like to thank all you guys for following me on this blog and allowing me to share my life with you. I will not be blogging until after the new year as so many people are on holiday at the moment. To all of you Happy New year and I’ll see you again soon 🙂



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