On the 23rd day of Christmas-10 minute fitness challenge.

Over the holidays we always overdo it with the food. No matter how well you follow your eating plan during the rest of the year, we always find a way to throw that out of the window during Christmas season.

I’ve been reading a lot of comments on fitness websites and it seems that a lot of people are afraid that all their hard work will go down the drain. I’ve read somewhere before that you can gain about 500 gram over 3 days but the Dailymail found that people can gain an average of 2.20 lbs (1 kg) over the holiday period but this depended whether or not your BMI was within the normal range.

I’m no expert but I usually try to stick to my eating plan throughout the season and only splurge on Christmas day and maybe one or two days after. This doesn’t always work but if you stay active, like going for a walk after lunch, it will help at burning some of the extra calories and your weight gain may not be so much.

Since I don’t go to gym during Christmas I do try and make some time for some kind of movement, other than reaching for one more piece of chicken 😛

Here are some of my favourite 10 minute exercises that are easy enough that you can do it inside your bedroom before breakfast.

You don’t really need a jump rope, you can use an invisible (make believe) jump rope.

I like this one because of the variety and you can put a list of your favourite plyo exercises in there 🙂 What is your favourite holiday routine?


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