My 5 favorite online clothing stores – at the moment.

Ever since I’ve been in Korea, I’ve become more and more reliant on Online Clothing shops. As you know by now, Korea doesn’t freely carry average western sizes in all their stores and therefore you have to either travel very far to get something that fits you or shop online.

I’ve only really started following people on Instagram this year and found a few lovely fashion bloggers whose style I really like. Through their choices I have learned of quite a few websites I’ve never even knew existed.


Showpo is an Australian brand. I think the reason why I like it so much is because all their outfits looks so summery. There are a lot of dresses that I would love to get from them but some of them won’t be acceptable here in Korea. One of the main reasons is that its not really proper to show your cleavage here. They have only just started showing their shoulders.


Lulu’s are actually really cheap and their shipping is really fast especially considering that I’m in Korea. Although their prices are cheap the garment quality is really good. If there is one thing I hate, its when I have to buy a $40 dress that looks and feels like it should be $10.


They are a little more pricier than the other shops but their dresses are cute an feminine.



They have cute little dresses and play-suits. I also love the soft colors.


I really love nasty gal although their outfits are more for dinners or clubbing and not really daytime outfits. I have bought some clothing and even some underwear here before but the shipping takes a little long.

Which online shops do you line?


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