My 3 favorite fictional Psychopaths

Even before Ted Bundy, people have been interested in Psychopaths. Who and what are they, what makes them tick, should we be scared or intrigued. Robert D.Hare, world leader in the study of psychopathy , defines a psychopath as someone with the incapacity for empathy, in other words they lack a conscience. A psychopath may see a women crying in the street over her child that just died and will go home and mirroring her facial expression in the bathroom mirror to try and understand what she felt, without feeling anything. It doesn’t make him a bad person just a person who doesn’t understand emotions.

Unlike the man in my example above, who might be a normal person incapable of violence  but also empathy, the following 3 characters are my favorite, charming, ruthless and manipulating psychopaths from the big and small screen.

Patrick Bateman – American Psycho

Wall Street investment banker, Patrick Bateman, turns into a vicious murderer. Killing anyone from his colleages, homeless people and prostitutes. He is vain, greedy, rich and shallow, and obsesses about his looks and clothes.


Paul Spectre – The Fall

My absolute favorite out of the 3 is Paul Spectre. A Grief counselor, father and husband , starts a series of strangulation s on women in the city of Belfast. With every murder he becomes more confident. I loved to see how the character changed and grew throughout the series.


Picasso – Alex Cross

Ruthless, emotional void, narcissistic Butcher of Slago from the Alex Cross movie. I feel that the movie really captured the character very well. He was a perfectionist, always performing his work with the utmost perfection. Spoiler Alert. In my personal opinion he was better than Alex Cross but in Hollywood the good-guy always wins.


These are my  top three? Who are yours?


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