Planning the perfect High-Tea

Even before Alice in Wonderland people have been enjoying High-Tea parties.  In the past the High tea was more of an afternoon treat to ease the hunger as dinner use to be served at 8pm. Nowadays however we can’t afford the luxury of tea time snacks during our busy work schedules. Therefore High-tea is reserved for special occasions and holidays

High-usually consists of sandwiches, cakes and scones served with tea.


Table arrangements

Food Display

The food display will be one of the most important things to get right. You could either display all the treats on the guest tables or have a separate food table.

For great ideas on how to decorate a food table you can buy Amy Atlas’s book ‘The Cake Parlour Sweet Tables’.



Adding some colour to the sandwiches always makes it look more edible. The idea is to keep these sandwiches small, and simple but visually appealing


Even Marie Antionette knew how to enjoy proper cake. Instead of going for a full sized cake, these bite size cakes are perfect for your guests.


Over the years mini tarts has become extremely popular. You could serve anything from apple pie to lemon marangue at your High-Tea


Never underestimate the basic scone with cream and jam but you could also bake blueberries or orange into your scone to give it a special touch

May your High-Tea be a sweet success!!!


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