Fashion inspiration from the 90’s

I grew up in a small town where everyone wore the same clothes from the same store. Therefore our wardrobes consisted out of jeans and plain t-shirts. We didn’t have the internet to inspire us either. This means that my first exposure to true fashion trends were 90’s movies. These movies showed me that there is more to life than mom jeans and trainers. It also taught me valuable life lessons about beauty and sexuality.


Based on Emma by Jane Austin, this was one of the first movies that inspired my fashion choices. The movie is filled with stylish outfits from the 90’s along with some interesting fashion advice. This was the first movie I watched that featured designer clothes. Being from a small town I’ve never seen pretty outfits and this inspired me to exchange my small town life for city life.

Mean girls

Gave me the motto I still live by today….”On Wednesdays we wear pink”

Romy and Michelles High school reunion

Romy and Michelle taught us that its importance to always dress well even when going to gym. They also showed us that if your life isn’t wonderful invent a wonderful life. it also showed us that we should not let other people define our lives. Life is what we make of it.


Heart breakers

Taught us some interesting life lessons about men and the importance of low cut tops and short skirts.

Cruel intentions

This movie had a different side to sexy, instead of just short skirts and low cut tops it showed us that buying key pieces or wearing tailored outfits can make you look just as sexy as a little mini dress.

Legally Blond

Elle Woods taught me that you can be both pretty and smart, that you don’t have to be only one thing in life and that you should believe in yourself even if no one else does.


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