Halloween wall decorations on a budget.

Today I’m starting a Halloween series including decorations and costumes. I know its a but early but we have to start our planning now. Things get more expensive closer to Halloween and time is often limited if you leave it too late.

Working as a teacher isn’t always very lucrative, therefore you have to use your money wisely in order to make the most of it. For Halloween last year we had to decorate the entire school and tried to make it is nice as possible. We didn’t have too much money to spend on the event so we had to make do with the money we had.

This is what we did with big black sheets of paper.


There were a lot of great ideas on the internet for scary looking pumpkins. We looked at the pictures and copied them as best we could. We also made lots of bats, cats and mice (not featured in these pictures)

Here are some more template you can use for wall decorations.

Black Cat Pumpkin Carving Stencil - Now I just need someone to help me carve!: pumpkin silhouete | ... Haunted House (Silhouette) (Halloween) buy cutouts at starstills.com:


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