Pre-Halloween Dress-up Party

Hey Everyone!!!!

So… we all know how the typical Halloween party usually goes. We’re required to wear costumes to look scary but mostly we end up with “sexy mushrooms” instead of a scary-ass monster.

My girls have decided to try out their Halloween costumes in a Pre-Halloween dress up Party.

The Zodiacs

These ladies decided to dress up as their favourite zodiac sign…. their version of it in anyway


She decided to go for a subtle white and do up her hair to kind of look like little horns. She thought that the whites would best suit her Capricorn traits of being ambitious, conservative, determined, practical and helpful. Although she didn’t account for her skimpy outfit not looking very conservative.



Being a warrior at heart and fond of the Zodiac she decided to wear an archery outfit that would best exemplify the Sagattarian traits of being adventurous, optimistic and enthusiastic



The Warrior

Shava is wearing her warrior outfit. She usually wears this one all the time because its armoured and can protect her in any fight. Its also a nice colour and works well for Halloween


The Mythical creature outfit

Lagoona is wearing her favourite outfit – her Water-nymph dress. She has opted to go barefoot since no water-nymph can wear shoes under water.


The Oh I forgot Harley Quinn is sooooo last year

Cinnamon decided that she’s going to go as Harley Quinn since she’s blonde and none of her friends are wearing the same outfit


Overall it looks like the girls had a lot of fun socialising with each other.


What costume are you wearing this year?


Witchy Business

As an English teacher in Korea, one of our key responsibilities is Halloween. Coming from South Africa we don’t really  celebrate Halloween except for the odd dress up party at the malls or theme park.

Last year was our first year in charge of Halloween. This year we’re having a Ghost house that span’s over 2 classrooms. My husband opted to be the witch as that confuses the children. If they know that it’s only their teacher in a costume then they aren’t as scared. When they are scared they usually say your name, if you respond then they know its you but if you stay mute then you freak them out a bit more.

For my husband’s Witch room we had to make some props which included a witch house, a scary tree and some books and bottles. We’re not finished with everything yet but here is what we’ve done so far.


This was the initial tree, my husband built a cute little house out of boxes and stick on bricks. We built the tree out of a refrigerator box and some paper mache arms. I later decided that we had to make the tree look a little scarier


And this was the result.


For his entrance I also tried to make a tree looking door, which didn’t come out as I had hoped , but it looks OK for the purpose. It’s not done yet… but I used newspaper, liquid glue and some polystyrene balls cut in half to make the eyes.


For props I remembered ‘THE BOOK’ from Hocus Pocus


I made this from a box using a small rectangular box, tissues, tissue paper, liquid glue and some salt-dough clay and cream ribbed paper for the pages. I used this tutorial

…..and this one too


I’ll share some more of our decorations as soon as we’re done 🙂





From Pinterest to Reality

Last year we tried to create a haunted house for our school. We had 3 main rooms. We had a slaughterhouse, a clown room and a creepy girl in the well room. We made all the decorations ourselves. Our inspiration being Pinterest. One of the things we made for the clown room was ‘n little cage with wheels with heads inside.



My attempt


To make this I used a normal square box. Cut a window in it. Used some of the offcuts to make the wheels and then painted it orange and black. I added a piece of black paper to the top to create a roof and took ribbed paper to create the bars. I also cut a door in the back to put the heads in.

We didn’t have a lot of fake heads, so we only put one in there.

And this is the end result.



Halloween wall decorations on a budget.

Today I’m starting a Halloween series including decorations and costumes. I know its a but early but we have to start our planning now. Things get more expensive closer to Halloween and time is often limited if you leave it too late.

Working as a teacher isn’t always very lucrative, therefore you have to use your money wisely in order to make the most of it. For Halloween last year we had to decorate the entire school and tried to make it is nice as possible. We didn’t have too much money to spend on the event so we had to make do with the money we had.

This is what we did with big black sheets of paper.


There were a lot of great ideas on the internet for scary looking pumpkins. We looked at the pictures and copied them as best we could. We also made lots of bats, cats and mice (not featured in these pictures)

Here are some more template you can use for wall decorations.

Black Cat Pumpkin Carving Stencil - Now I just need someone to help me carve!: pumpkin silhouete | ... Haunted House (Silhouette) (Halloween) buy cutouts at


My multiple personalities

Today’s challenge is to post a picture of myself. Personally I think I’ve been narcissistic enough for one month so instead of posting a lovely ‘self-portrait’, I will post my many faces. I am an absolute Halloween freak and I love dressing up and playing the part, so without further ado here are some of my best and sometimes ugliest moments


  1. Korean Ghost
  2. A member of the band Kiss
  3. It started out as Alice in wonderland but after the make-up turned out to be something else…???
  4. A zombie
  5. Mrs Wannabe. We had a murder mystery party and I was one of the suspects
  6. Queen Akasha from Queen of the damned