What makes me special?

I had to think long and hard about this post. It is due early tomorrow morning and I have only sat down now to do it. I have been studying Ecosystemic psychology this year and has realised that we as humans need each other. Since the beginning of the 20th century we as a race have been told that we have to be individual and that each of us are special. This might be true but being told from a young age that you are special sets you up for only more disappointments. You believe that what happens to you happens only to you and you alone but things like falling in love for the first time and having your heart broken is common. Furthermore if you believe that you are special then you might not work as hard as the next guy because you’re special, you don’t have to do what the others do…..

So in view of my view regarding this, it was very hard to determine what makes me special. I had to ask around and it turns out that a lot of my friends believe that I am very good at fashion. Not fashion in the sense of designing but rather in giving advice and being able to see what looks good and what not. My husband has also commented that he never knew anything about fashion until he met me…. so there you go, apparently I’m the fashion police.

This is such a cute picture of Emelia Clarke from the movie Me Before You!!!!

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