Types of apartments in Korea

Being a first time Korean English teacher can be tough. When you first arrive here, you don’t understand the language and you are unable to help yourself, with anything… Mostly your Korean co-teachers will try and help you wherever they can, but because you don’t know the language you are unable to rent the type of apartment you want, especially being a newbie in a foreign country. Therefore you have to stay in the apartments assigned to you by the school. For most teachers you will either stay in an office-tel, one room or 1.5 room apartments. All of these are tiny but still liveable.

One room apartment.

The one room is the worst. Mostly it will be 1 room with the kitchen and bedroom all in one. Luckily you’ll have a separate bathroom.


One and a half room

1.5 Room apartments are a little bigger. Here you will have a separate bathroom and bedroom. The kitchen and living room however is all situated in the same space.



Office-tel apartments that were previously used as offices but are now mostly rented out as housing. Most of them have a loft style apartment making them sort of bigger than the 2 options above. The kitchen and living room area will be in the same space but the bedroom area will be on top of the kitchen and bathroom area.


Korean apartment tour by gumbalayablog

4 thoughts on “Types of apartments in Korea

    • Simonette Lubbe says:

      Personally I haven’t lived in an office-tel but my brother does. When we got here we lived in a one room and it was truly small. Currently we have a 1,5 room that is much better for us. One rooms are perfect for 1 person but it was just too small for 2 🙂


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