How I found out about WordPress and why I use it.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a very long time but never had the guts to press the post button. About 2 years ago I wrote a post but since I didn’t really know how WordPress worked I didn’t post my scribbles.

I’ve been telling my husband that I wanted to start a blog for about a year now. While falling down the rabbit whole called the ‘word wide web’ I came across a post by A Beautiful Mess that featured blogging tips. After reading up on it and searching ‘ how to start a blog’ I finally started my little blog.


At first it was very frustrating because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. i would change something in admin and then when I didn’t like it, I could not change it back because I could not remember where I changed it. Then there is the issue with the domain names and scripts and I felt quite stupid because I knew so little about blogging. I have to admit that I know a little bit more now than before although I still don’t know a lot.

The reason I chose WordPress as my platform is because initially it is free. If you want more features then you have to pay but to get started it is more than enough. I have really enjoyed my experience with this platform and I’m eager to learn more.


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