My favourite superhero (Day 6 Blogging Babes challenge)

My absolute favourite superhero is the one and only Batman. He is one of the only main superhero’s who isn’t a so called god, an alien or the result of some kind of science experiment (except for Iron-man of course) All he has going for him is his money and skills, with which he made his suit and gadgets.Batman_in_the_batcave_wallpaper

In addition batman is a loner. He doesn’t need others to help him fight his battles. He uses his own knowledge to defeat the bad guys. He only has one true confidant and that is his butler Alfred. Batman’s best ally is the darkness. In the dark he is virtually invisible.

Furthermore Batman never kills and he never uses guns. His combat is made up of the skills he acquired in his training and his gadgets. batman-joker-wallpaper-10

The relationship between Joker and Batman is another thing that interests me. Joker is a homicidal maniac that has no guilt of his actions. He was a character in the comic books that were to be written out after a few appearances but has become so important to the Batman series that he is now one of Batman’s most dangerous adversaries.



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