Geeky Fridays


I fell in love with on-line gaming and Player versus Player (PVP) games because of Neverwinter. Its a Dungeons and Dragons game. Its a free to play MMORPG developed by cryptic and published by Perfect world entertainment.

You can create your own character by choosing from 8 different races. You start of without any gear or weapons on a deserted beach and you have to then collect gear and fight your way to Protectors Enclave. You can level your character up to level 70. Your gear also improves as you level. I love this game because its quite competitive if you battle against other players and playing with other players can be fun too especially if you’r in a guild.

The game has however changed over the last year and it seems that some players buy better gear to become better players which is disadvantageous to those who choose not to spend hundreds of dollars a month on a game.

My favourite character is the Trickster Rogue. I am sharing this video with you because this is one of the best Trickster Rogues  I’ve come across on the net. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Video by DesoloGaming.

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