Geeky Fridays

I am a real geek at heart. I love reading books, playing computer games, reading comics and watching movies. In winter months in Korea the only thing you can do is stay indoors. Therefore I have rekindled my love for computer games.

SO… this is what I’ve been spending my free time on. This Video contains 2 minutes of game play.

The game is very realistic. If you get shot once in the head, you die. If you get 2 body shots, depending on the amount of armour you have, you die. There is no health-bars for any player so you cant see whether you’ve hit someone or not. If you see them going down, they might have decided to lie down or they might have died. You just have to take your chances.

Furthermore it is slow paced as you have to play strategically. Running in shooting and screaming will only get you killed.If you were a fan of Counter Strike, you will love Insurgency. But beware, it is slightly different

  1. You cannot upgrade your guns. Everyone starts out with the same stock guns.
  2. You don’t always know if you’ve killed the other player. They don’t have health bars
  3. You don’t know how much health you have. You too, don’t have a health bar.
  4. The game is objective based. You have to get capture or defend the objective.
  5. You can choose to play “modern warfare” (Insurgent forces vs Terrorists) or “Day if Infamy”, where you can be either a Nazi soldier or American soldier.
  6. You can play PVP or against the bots. Either way you play with on-line players on your team.

You can buy it on Steam for around $16.

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