50 Shades gift ideas

Hi everyone. Today we’ll continue our 50 Shades of Grey theme. We’re going to try and keep the post clean and classy even though 50 shades is all about BDSM. The aim is to express your sexuality without being trashy… right?

Using subtle jewellery and accessories are a great way to express ourselves, especially with cute little bondage rings and bracelets. If you’re not into jewellery you could always opt for book holders or even wine glass rings for your next party or dinner.


1.Magnificent necklace from my collection inspired by the trilogy Fifty shades of Grey

2. Fifty shades of Grey mask ankle bracelet whit dark gray rhinestone and smoke gray crystal

3. Fifty shades set of 6 rings identifier for wine glasses

4. Fifty shades of Grey Jewelry whit gray rhinestone mask necklace and strass

5. 50 Shades of Grey, Bondage Ring, Corset Ring, Sterling SilverRing, Bdsm Jewelry

Soaps or beard oils are also a great gift ideas for guys.


Soap available from SweetnCharmingSoaps

Beard oil available from TwaBurdsSoaps



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