Vampy Valentines Lingerie

In lieu of the vampire theme for Valentines day, you have to FEEL like a vampire and what better way to achieve this than in what we wear.

My father once told me that the devil won’t be ugly, he’ll hide in the most attractive of people. This reminds me of the spell that Dracula use to have over women. Therefore being vampy does not only include looking like a vamp but also having a certain charm over people.

For my vampire lingerie and accessories I have chosen a few things that would be classy and not just vampy. In other words we’ll leave Halloween for Halloween.

vampire lingerie list.jpg


  1. 1.Black Onyx Engraved Ring
  2. 2.Matte Lipstick SOLVANG
  3. 3. Bat Mask
  4. 4.Black and white overbust Lingerie
  5. 5. Diablo – Vampy Oxblood Holographic Nail Polish
  6. 6. Black Balconette Lace Lingerie

All these items are from Etsy and you can find other really nice ideas for a Vampy Valentines on there too.

P.S.I’m not affiliated with Etsy, but I really like the site 😀




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