Assassin’s Creed-Review


This weekend we went to see Assassins Creed, its the second time I’ve watched this movie. The idea was to take my dad to the movie to watch Rogue One but it was no longer showing at the cinema so we watched Assassins Creed instead.


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Spoiler alert

I have to say that the movie was really cool. The musical score in the movie was amazing. It made it really exiting to watch. In addition the fight sequences were amazing. I also loved the clothes in the movie and think that they put a lot of effort into little details.

When I watched the movie the first time I thought that the ending was really blunt and felt like they should have drawn out the ending a bit more or put a longer fight sequence into the climax of the movie. But after watching it a second time I decided that ‘they are assassins’ the ending was then suitable because he was so silent that no one even saw him coming. In that respect it felt suitable.


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Although the fighting style was really amazing the stance the Cal Lynch sometimes assumed  left all his most vulnerable parts, his chest and throat, vulnerable to attack so in reality it would not have been something that would keep him alive unless all his enemies were rendered motionless. All in all though I really enjoyed the movie and found it a refreshing idea.

What did you think of it?



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