On the 8th day of Christmas – Thumbprint cookies

For today’s cookie I chose the Raspberry Almond thumbprint cookie from sallysbakingaddiction. This recipe is a shortbread recipe with a little bit of jam in the middle of the cookie. I used blueberry!

On Saturday afternoon I started with this as it needs to chill in the fridge for 4 hours so I decided I’ll leave it in the fridge overnight and then bake them on Sunday morning. That way I can also take some pictures  when the sun is out.

I made the dough and it seemed a little flaky, I tried to roll it in a ball but it was too flaky so I decided to chill it and see how it works out the next day. It bugged me a little that the dough didn’t look the way I expected and I looked for some advice online. Most people suggest using some melted butter or to knead the dough a little. I was afraid I’d mess up the dough even further and I’m not really a fan of wastage so I decided to take a small piece of dough and knead it in my hand a little. That seemed to work and I was able to roll the dough into balls. So I did that with every cookie, scooping about a tablespoon of dough in my hand and then pressing it a little until it becomes firm. I went back to the website and saw on the comments that some people had the same problem but by kneading the dough in my hand a little I solved the problem. Keep this in mind when making these cookies.

I baked the cookies for 14-15 minutes and they came out wonderfully.

img_6540img_6536img_6541These cookies absolutely just melt in your mouth and is wonderful with some coffee. My cookies didn’t look as good as Sally’s but its my first time and practice makes perfect 🙂

Recipe Rating 7/10


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