Is your makeup sending mixed messages?

We girls spend a lot of time preparing for a night out. It usually takes us around 3 hours to choose the right outfit, right hairstyle and do our makeup. If you are single a night out may end by meeting the love of your life but does he see you as the love of his life or just another ‘wham bam thank you mam’?

According to evulotuinary psychology ‘Men have their own preferences in physical appearance of their mate. Men’s main interest is to impregnate a mate to have children. Men tend to seek relatively young woman with full lips, breasts, and hips, and a smaller waist, because these indicate sufficient estrogen levels to successfully birth a child. Men also look for facial symmetry, shiny hair, clear skin, and white sclera. Men are less concerned about the social status of their chosen mate’.

In this case your make-up plays a big role. It is well known that men are visual creatures. If they like what they see, they are likely to approach you. Your make-up might determine how the night will end.

Research suggest that if you wear more natural makeup you seem more like  the marrying type.



Red lipstick accentuates your lips and heavy eye makeup makes draws attention to your eyes making the sclera look whiter. Therefore this look will make you look more attractive but it will also send the message that you’re only good for one thing, which often ends in heartbreak if you really liked a guy and he doesn’t ever call you back after you hot summer night together.


This goes to show that your makeup can send a different message than you intend. Generally  I  wear more natural makeup to work but I love smokey eyes and red dark lipsticks. Often when I want a certain response from my husband I will wear more eye makeup and lipstick on a night out as this works like a bomb….if you know what I mean.

Here are some more interesting information about what your lipstick says about you.6a0120a936e08e970b0133f4bed3ae970b-800wi.jpg


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