Hard Rock Cafe, Busan – Review

When we went to Busan for the first time we tried to do some research of places to go and see. We were particularly looking for a place where we can eat a western or american style meal, as those are so rare in Korea. We found a website that had some suggestions and we went out of our way to find the place. We even had a meal at one of the restaurants suggested. Although the meal was nice it wasn’t nearly as nice as what we found on our own.

On our 2nd day in Busan we were walking around to find a restaurant that sells breakfast and came across the Hard Rock Cafe. Although they only open at 11 am we immediately decided to go there for dinner. We are not familiar with Hard Rock but I’m sure I’ve heard the name somewhere before. Therefore dinner it was.

We decided on burgers and some cocktails.

The atmosphere was amazing. They had a live band ( I don’t know if they have this in all the Hard Rock cafe’s :p ) and the waiters were really friendly and helpful. All their staff speaks English which always helps when you’re in a foreign country. Personally I think that the food is truly worth the price. Usually all Western style restaurants are expensive but Hard Rock was reasonable compared to other restaurants and the food was much better than said restaurants.

We loved it so much that we took my brother and his wife there the next time we went to Busan and I heard from my brother that he’s been there again a few times afterwards.

P.S A meal cost us about 80,000 won per couple, including drinks. Burgers range from 23,000 -29,000 won. Fillet mignon was around 46,000 won. Ribs were less than 40,000 won and it was a lot of ribs. T-bone steak is 76,000 won and the Large cocktails are 13,000


Phone number: +82-51-742-7625


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