Create your own home gym

There are different options for creating a home gym, it all depends on the type of exercises you prefer and your fitness level. Its no use to deck out your study like a proper gym if you’re not really motivated. Its like buying that stationary bike but never really using it.

Getting Started

Starting from $30

To get started. I would suggest to get a yoga map, a jump rope and some 3-4 kilogram dumbbells, especially if you haven’t been to the gym in a while or if you’ve never used weights. The yoga mat will help for when you’re doing exercises on the floor for example ab exercises while the jump-rope will help with some cardio. It is a fun way to exercise, you can do it anywhere and you can even take it with you when you go on a trip. With this option you can watch YouTube videos to get you started, one of my favourites is the JNL Fusion videos. Jnl fusion uses cordless jump ropes so even that is a possibility. I use to use my invisible jump rope in the beginning until I became a bit fitter.

Body Weight Gym

Starting from $140 (without the sandbag)

For body weight exercises you don’t need much except your own body but as you grow stronger you might want to add some equipment to your routine. Some of the best weighted equipment include the weighted vest, challenger bars, a weighted sandbag and push up bars.

Yoga gym

Starting from $8

For a yoga gym you will need a yoga mat and a serene space where you can be calm and relax, you need enough space to not kick someone in the face if they walk past you 🙂

One Room, Three Looks: A Serene and Simple Home Yoga Room - The Accent™:

Gorilla Pit Gym

Starting from $2000

I call it the Gorilla pit because at the health club our weighted section was lower than the rest of the gym and all the men use to make gorilla sounds when they exercised.

For a gym with heavy loose weights you will require dumbells, a flat bench and an adjustable bench and a cable machine. You don’t really need other kinds of fancy equipment for you upper body.

For your lower body however you can do squats and lunges with the free weights or get a leg press, hamstring curl and leg extension machine.

Some of these machines range from $70-$2100 each





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