How I found out about WordPress and why I use it.

I’ve been wanting to start blogging for a very long time but never had the guts to press the post button. About 2 years ago I wrote a post but since I didn’t really know how WordPress worked I didn’t post my scribbles.

I’ve been telling my husband that I wanted to start a blog for about a year now. While falling down the rabbit whole called the ‘word wide web’ I came across a post by A Beautiful Mess that featured blogging tips. After reading up on it and searching ‘ how to start a blog’ I finally started my little blog.


At first it was very frustrating because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. i would change something in admin and then when I didn’t like it, I could not change it back because I could not remember where I changed it. Then there is the issue with the domain names and scripts and I felt quite stupid because I knew so little about blogging. I have to admit that I know a little bit more now than before although I still don’t know a lot.

The reason I chose WordPress as my platform is because initially it is free. If you want more features then you have to pay but to get started it is more than enough. I have really enjoyed my experience with this platform and I’m eager to learn more.


My Sex and the City club

All women should have at least one good friend. I am lucky enough to have four very good friends. They have all played a major part in my life from time to time. Sometimes they are there constantly and sometimes they’re only there when we need each other most, but our friendships have remained strong through thick and thin.

I call them my Sex and the City club because each of them remind me somewhat of each of the characters in this series. I can’t say that each friend is a specific character but rather that those friends have characteristics similar to the four girls in Sex and the City. Sometimes they represent one character and other times they are a mixture of all 4. My friends are all level headed but also eccentric. They are funny and beautiful and bring out the best in me.

What Sex and the City taught us about friendship,

“They say nothing lasts forever …dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” – Carrie

Here are the girls who has meant the most to me over the last decade.


Music for my moods

Today is day 10 of my Blogging Babes challenge. Today I have to talk about the songs that signifies my moods. Music has been used in many cultures to express their feelings, whether it’s just happiness or their feelings towards political discord. Therefore music is an important part of our lives. It helps us show the world how we feel.Here are the songs I choose for each one of my moods.


When I’m happy I like to listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  It is upbeat and always makes me feel motivated and happy.Winter is my absolute favourite.


When I feel sad I like to listen to sting music. This song makes me especially sad when I listen to it. This version of the song is a little faster than the original but just as beautiful.


When I’m bored I usually like to listen to some kind of compilation. Since I’m an 80’s baby it will usually be a nineties compilation, or something you can sing along to at the noreabang ( Korean Karaoke room)


I don’t really have a specific kind of song i listen to when I’m mad. I prefer it to be quite in order to think about what was said and what can be done. I do however remember one specific day in my life, when we needed the help of others to ensure our future and they refused- out of spite. The song that I listened to when this happened was ‘Skin to Bone’ form Linkin Park

” your deception, my disgust”


My number one “hyped” song is ‘I just wanna be loved’ by Pappa Roach. The song has a fast rock n roll beat. I usually like to listen to this song when I play PVP games. Generally it gives me confidence to partake in these kind of games. Generally I’m not a very good player so it can become quite nerve wrecking at times.


Something I’m proud of in the last few days

Today is day 9 of the Blogging babes challenge I’ve been doing with my friend from Polkadots&Popcorn. I had some real trouble thinking of something that made me proud the last few days. The thing is… in Korea there isn’t much to do on a day to day basis. Generally I wake up, spend some time online, get ready for work, leave for work, come home and go to bed. So there isn’t really time to do something worth being proud of.

This morning however I went to the gym. An actual gym with equipment, not our Park gym or home gym. I decided to greet my old friend ‘the electric scale’ and boy did she have some wonderful news for me. It seems like since I’ve been changing my eating habits a bit and trying to be more active I have managed to lose 3 kilograms in the past 2 months. I was pretty happy. Therefore I decided that this must be the thing that I’m most proud of in the last few days. It seems that changing a few things like buying less coffees and bread at work can make some changes even if it takes longer than one expects.

My short term goals for June

  1. Exercise regularly and eat balanced meals

Recently I’ve been exercising more often but not really regularly. SO this month I will try and exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week. I have found a bunch of stuff on YouTube that I’m going to try this month.


This is a nice combination of cardio and weight training and I can do it at home.

        2. Blog everyday

Seven days ago I started a 30 day blogging challenge with my friend form Polkadots&Popcorn. At the moment its going really well and I really want to finish  this challenge.


         3. Save money

This month I want to spend less money on coffees and desserts and save a little more. I want to buy myself a nice floral dress next month and I can only do this if I save more this month.


         4. Start planning a 2017 Holiday

My one friend lives in Australia and suggested we meet up halfway in Hawaii for a Summer holiday next year. At the moment we’re also looking at Cancun and the Bahamas’s for this holiday. We have to start looking at the best prices and shortest flight times as most of them range around 25 hours. 😦


I should probably have more goals but these are the main ones for me at the moment.